Claire Davis | December 14, 2021

Future of Work: Series Introduction

How recent workforce trends such as employee retention and recruiting are impacting technology companies - and how leaders are adapting.

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After two years of new challenges and difficult decisions, we believe the workforce is at a turning point. Employers are grappling with ever-changing circumstances, trying to quickly establish new policies and redefine their cultures. In parallel, employees are leaving their jobs at record rates. This “Great Resignation” is both a catalyst for and the result of a highly competitive recruiting environment, shifting employee preferences, record rates of entrepreneurship, compensation inflation, and more. All of these factors are pushing us to transition into a new era of how, where, and when we work – and technology companies are leading the charge.

Topics include:

  • The evolving workplace
  • The “Great Resignation”
  • Employee sentiment and shifting preferences
  • The state of recruiting
  • How companies are staying competitive