The Evolving Workplace: Navigating Decision-Making on How and Where We Work

In just one year, the future of work has been forever rewritten. Across the globe, the pandemic dramatically accelerated the digital transformations already underway, and forced companies of all sizes to re-evaluate what is possible in a virtual environment. The disruption drove new behaviors, affordances, and challenges for employees and entire organizations. With a return-to-office finally on the horizon for some, companies must now navigate emerging complexities around vaccine requirements, hybrid work models, employee benefits, and, of course, safety protocols. Others will continue to embrace a remote-first workplace on a permanent basis, with a new set of accompanying decisions to make related to hiring, compensation, and operations more broadly.

Over the last few months, ICONIQ Growth’s Analytics team conducted an in-depth study on how companies across industries and geographies are planning for the post-pandemic workplace. In this conversation with AJ Josephson, VP of People at Miro and Melanie Collins, Chief People Officer at Dropbox, we’ll share some of the key insights and best practices that emerged from our research and hear these experts’ opinions on the way in which we’ll work and how they are navigating decision-making across so many nuanced and inter-related topics.