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ICONIQ Growth is a tech focused direct investment effort that is affiliated with ICONIQ Capital. The statements included herein by ICONIQ Growth are part of its outreach and engagement with prospective portfolio companies and investment partners. ICONIQ Growth's efforts are separate from the advisory services provided by other divisions of ICONIQ Capital, and none of the statements contained herein are designed to be, nor should they be construed as, advisory communications or advertisements of any investment management or advisory services. Correspondingly, any references to investments included above are not designed to be representative of the investing program applicable to any ICONIQ Capital client or fund investor, and any lists or presentations of ICONIQ Growth investments do not include all investments made by ICONIQ Capital.

Assets under management are calculated using net asset value plus uncalled capital commitments of the ICONIQ Growth portfolios as of a recent date. Such figures are approximate, unaudited and subject to change.