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We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to effect global impact and change. We are inspired by visionaries who we believe are forging a large market opportunity, maniacally focused on their customers’ success, and thoughtfully building enduring company cultures. With over $9 billion in capital commitments, we are investors in over 70 high growth technology companies. We harness ICONIQ’s global network of strategic relationships, diverse capital base, and informed insights to help founders amplify their vision from growth stage to IPO and well beyond. ICONIQ’s vibrant ecosystem of engaged and accomplished leaders provides vast opportunities and guidance for our founders at every step of their journey. ICONIQ Growth is entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs.



Therese works to transform the financial close process

A farmer’s daughter, certified yogi, and a former CTO, Therese says she “just wants to change how accounting works.” She followed through on that desire and more, creating a valuable public cloud software company modernizing finance.

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Benoit, Thierry and Frank bring a modern data platform to the world

Benoit and Thierry had a revolutionary idea: mastering the elasticity of the cloud to store data. Their biggest hurdle? Convincing people that their “vision was strong enough to carry a company.” Industry veteran Frank Slootman was convinced, abandoning retirement to join the co-founders as Snowflake’s CEO.

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Pieter and Arnout help usher in a new era of digital payments

Adyen was named for the Surinamese word meaning “starting over,” and that’s just what Pieter and Arnout did for online payments. The founders abandoned existing and outdated payments infrastructure and built a new platform that supports over 250 specific payment methods and 37 currencies worldwide.

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Olivier and Alexis unite developers and operations teams

In a previous life, at a previous software company, Olivier and Alexis worked on opposing teams: development and operations. Recognizing the need for communication and collaboration, the founders launched Datadog to bridge that gap by “getting everyone on the same page.” And more importantly, data on one unified platform enabling the alignment of Dev, Ops and Business.

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Tooey brings software tech into construction

He was struggling to manage the construction of his new home, so he decided to fix the problem. And helped change the construction industry.

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